The Main Options You’ll Have When Purchasing a Metal Roof

When it comes time to replace the roof on a home, a homeowner will have a wide range of options. However, for many homeowners, metal roofs are the way to go. They are practical, durable and as an added bonus, they are trending at the moment. What many people interested in metal roofs may not know is that there are a few types of metal roofing options.

Affordable Options

Because of there long life, 50 years or more for aluminum or steel roofs and up to 100 years for copper or zinc, metal roofs tend to be on the higher scale as it relates to costs for a new roof. That’s why many people opt for R-Panel metal roofs. R-Panel metal roofs are easy to install so it cuts down dramatically on labor costs thus making it fairly affordable for the average homeowner with a limited roofing budget. However, this type of roof is quite susceptible to rust and corrosion, so frequent upkeep in the form of fresh coats of paint may be needed to keep the roof in good condition.

Classic Metal Roofs

Corrugate metal roofing is often called the original metal roof and it’s a solid option. These types of roofs are bit more expensive than R-Panel roofs so this may be a consideration for people with larger budgets. The good thing is this type of roof looks good and stands the test of time.

The Best Protection a Metal Roof can Provide

The last option is known as an architectural standing seam metal roof. From a standpoint of durability, this type of roof reigns supreme. Because of how the roofing panels lock together, it makes this type of roof virtually waterproof. It also provides top level protection from the uplift forces of wind. To add to that, most standing seam panels are treated in the manufacturing process with a special sealant to allow the panels to stand up to the variations in temperature that often break down the integrity of a roof over time.

There are affordable and expensive options for metal roofs these days, and it’s important to understand the options so you can choose the right one. Your chose may boil down to either budget, roof protection or durability. In any case, with the options out there, make no mistake, there is a metal roof out there for you.