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Training in Negotiation

Improving your negotiation skills by utilizing the 4 basic negotiation steps could affect your overall commissions, sales, and bonus targets. Most of the salespeople tend to negotiate to all their customers in regards to the delivery rates, prices, scope of the contract, and even in ironing huge and complicated contracts. This does not really have to be full of pain.

So, what are the important negotiation steps that you could take in order to aid you in acquiring your success?

1. Readiness – being ready to conduct your negotiation would grant you with better chance to get the results that you deserve. But, do you have any idea who will be involved in your negotiation? Your client might not be the one whom you will be talking to.

Have you made your preparation to answer the questions that your clients might ask you? What are the main objectives for your negotiation? What are the things that you can offer and not offer? Are done in brainstorming about their goal? What do you think that your clients would give you? Did you think of alternative plans?

In every negotiation, being prepared means that you have a leverage. You have to set a goal in your mind. Know your plans very well. Read the mind of your client. Obtain an agenda and focus on it.

Don’t mix the deals with the relationship. Do not be a victim of this trap. You have to separate your relationship and the deal. You should know and agree the main agenda of the deal and focus on it. You have to respect the interest of the other party. Avoid accepting things that will only focus for your benefits.

Controlling – what are the things that you could control in the negotiation?

The things that you can control is your focus, attitude, and level of preparation.

To be prepared, you have to allot some of your time to prepare before you will negotiate. In regards to your attitude, it is important that you maintain your professionalism, positive thinking, good amount of confidence, and being respectful at all times. In line with staying focus, it is important for you to attain what your objectives and goals are. These people are showing focus on their agenda. You have to listen well to your client and understand all their non-verbal communication and verbal communication. This kind of hearing technique would surely give you more flexibleness. The top sales people will always focus on their goals so that they would get the things that they want to have.

Lessons – after the negotiation, you must be able to learn from your mistakes, advantages, etc. Do not deprive of congratulating yourself about the things that you have successfully done. You have to avoid thinking about your shortcomings.

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