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The Demerits of Timeshares.

When timeshares were introduced, they were packaged in a manner that made them sell fast but as time went by and analyzers dug into the issue, the bad was exposed. However, before you get enticed into that deal you thought was so sweet you have to dig below the surface. First of all, it might seem like the buying price is low but there is also maintenance fee you may not be told about. This can be one thousand dollars or more depending on the kind of a timeshare. Regardless of whether the timeshare was claimed on that year or not, this amount will be deducted. As the years by, the amount of money you are spending towards the timeshare maintenance will accumulate and you will realize that things are not as rosy as you would have wished. If you found another investment opportunity to channel the money through where you can earn interest it would be much better. Also, one thousand dollars will even be enough for you to pay for a hotel during a vacation and even have a surplus. You will notice that timeshare contracts do not usually have a time frame and this is an indefinite binding and get out of it isn’t that simple. As long as you are living and breathing, you will have to honor the payment of the maintenance fee that is not something to take lightly. When the issue of people not having the time to go for vacation as raised, the timeshare companies introduced points but they give a very bad conversion rate such that you are better off taking the vacation.

Having timeshare at a particular hotel means you can only get free accommodation there which means exploring other areas will still require you to pay. A closer look at this and you will realize it is not worth your time. Since there are many people with timeshares, you are not just allowed to drop in at any point and if your slot passes you have no other option to wait for the next year unless you are willing to pay for the full amount. There is no point in having timeshares if you cannot use it whenever you wish. Emergencies can come up during the time your vacation was supposed to be at which means you should not be punished for something you could not have foreseen or controlled. Timeshares cannot be considered as investment opportunities because the returns are a big joke. The only people who benefit from such an arrangement are the resort owners and the salespeople. Just like a new car starts depreciating in value the moment you drive it home, so will the timeshare units. The people who are buying the initial timeshare units will also cover incentives, sales presentations and also giveaways in the process. Also, the salespeople will come to you when you are on vacation and not thinking through your decisions.

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