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Vertical Farming Systems That Could Revolutionalize Agriculture

It is the type of farming that is more advanced and geared towards providing food in vertical surfaces or farms or in warehouses or shipping containers. Vertical farming is changing the way agriculture is carried out today with a lot of utilization of various things. Apart from the traditional conventional ways of agriculture vertical farming has many systems in place to change the bigger scope of agriculture.

First of all, hydroponics is being used widely. Growth takes place where there is no soil at all. It involves around the growth of plants in solutions of nutrients that are essentially free of soil. The chemical compositions of the nutrients used are checked often to ensure that plants get sufficient nutrients as they grow. Usually, the roots are immersed in the solution to absorb the nutrients available.

Aeroponics is another innovation under vertical farming that was initiated to improve agriculture. Aeroponics incorporates the growth of crops but with less water and no soil at all. This innovation came up when agriculturists saw the need to grow plants in spaces. Currently this innovation is undergoing research and improvement because it is showing a lot of interest. Usually, it is efficient because the amount of water used is less than the water amounts in hydroponics. The innovation has made it possible for vertical farming to be done in the space.

To add on the above two innovations, aquaponics also comes in. Promotes the growth of plants and fish under one ecosystem. While growing under the same ecosystem plants and fish mutually benefit each other. Fish grow in indoor fish ponds and produce a nutrient-rich waste that further acts as a food source for plants in the vertical farms. Likewise, plants play their part by purifying and filtering the wastewater in the ponds.

In addition to that we have the application of local . This system uses the hydroponic farming system. The innovation is believed to enable plants to grow three times quicker than in traditional gardens. Efforts are being combined to enable monitoring through google homes or use of smartphones. Right now there is data collection and analysis taking place to determine the productivity of the system.

The innovation has worked well for people who grow crops in their own local mini farms. The very last innovation is called the plant scapers. Crops are grown on top of a building to provide food for the residents. Greater use of vertical greenhouses from an organic farmer which are integrated directly into the office building with the functionality of hydroponic farming. A lot of maintenance is carried out as well as automation to make sure that costs are as low as possible.

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