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A Brief History of Brews

Good Yeast for Good Beer

Brewing is the process used to make beer. In the past brewing was done privately in homes for own consumption but in the modern day things have changed. As much as you people still go on with making their own beer most of the brewing is done by the established brewing companies. In the developed countries legislation reinforced by governments restricted beer manufacturing to big entities that carried the proper licenses.

Later on home beer would come to take the world by storm especially when some countries relaxed the restrictions that had been earlier imposed. The beer making process is one with stages which come with a certain order if you are to make beer that is one of a kind. Yeast is one of the most essential ingredients used in the making of beer, over the years it has improved a great deal and with that comes good quality of beer. Back in the day there was few varieties of yeast to choose from and those that were available did not deliver constant flavor and character.

From various companies you can find different varieties of yeasts and they come in various forms. If you can brew your homemade beer, all you need is to know the kind of yeast that will work for you. For the lager style beer , lager yeast is used and for the ale beer, ale yeast. The two yeasts ideal fermentation temperature is what sets them apart, while the ale yeast will need warmer temperatures the lager will do so at lower temperatures. Packages that are carrying the yeast will always indicate the ideal temperature range that you can expect the fermentation but sometimes it might not go as planned, in such a case you could contact the company on their website for some clarifications.

You can get the brewing yeast in one of two forms either dry or liquid yeast. Some brewers will recommend the liquid yeast because it contains more cells in the package and it does not require any rehydration later in the process. Yeast is a great determiner of how your beer is going to taste. This is precisely the reason why you need to work with high-quality yeast. You also need to make sure that you are using the correct amount of yeast when you are brewing . When you have great yeast, you need fresh ingredients to deliver beer that will have that rich taste. Good brewing needs to be planned for, gather all the needed ingredients before you start. The water will also have something to do with the taste of the beer, check the PH of the water to make sure it’s right.

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