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Understanding Animals

Keeping of Dogs

A dog is an animal that is usually kept by man for quite a number of reasons. There has been some sort or relation between dogs and human beings for ages. There are vast purposes of having a dog. These animals have very many beneficial qualities to man.

There exists a wide variety of dog types. This dog usually varies in size but has a strong body build. The Catahoula bulldog comes in a vast number of pigmentations. Due to its friendly nature, the Catahoula bulldog is domesticated for working and companionship purposes. The Catahoula bulldog is also bred for watching and taking care of other domestic animals.

The continental bulldog appears not very big with an athletic build. The Continental bulldog happens to be confident and it is usually neither high tempered nor timid. This dog is usually of a smaller stature as compared to other dogs in its family. This dog bred is usually friendly and is mostly kept for companionship.

Another breed is the American Bulldog which is usually well built and strong. This dog is quiet but indulges in a number of activities. Different types and breeds of dogs are usually found all over the world. The domestication of dogs is something that began long ago and has been so for thousands of years.

Dogs usually range from big to small in size and also with different colors. All the people who keep dogs do not keep them for the same reason. A group of people in a certain region on earth only tend to domesticate dogs for the sole purpose of protection. Dogs are also bred in some other places just for the sole reason of being companions to man. In these places, the dogs are treated as part of the household and they reside together with man.

Dogs should be well considered and observed when bred. Dogs are supposed to receive proper care and medication when they need it. The training of dogs usually equips them with some unique skills. The trained dogs are trained so as to be more effective in police work, the army or even at home. Unlike in the olden times, dogs are now allowed in public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, transportation vehicles and many other places.

There are animal rights organizations that usually ensure that domestic animals are well taken care of. Domestic animals are secured by a number of laws which when broken lead to fining or jail terms in serious cases. So it is necessary that you treat your dog well and make sure that you are abiding by the law. You can always buy your desired dog breed from a pet store and get information about the dog, it’s behavior and also how to live well with it.

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