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Expound Your Knowledge About Your Blood

The fear on blood is based on the lack of knowledge about the many great things it does for the body.

To most of us, we associate red as the color of blood-based from what we have been taught in school or from what we have seen ourselves.

But what we do not know is that not all blood is red, some animals have blue blood like the spiders, octopuses, squids and most crustaceans out there, while there are also some that are green or violent in colors like leeches and worms, view here to know more about it.

Lessen your disgust on blood and view here to be educated about some fascinating things about it.

Lead, zinc, copper, iron, chromium and manganese are not the only metal that is found in the blood, studies show that .2 milligrams of gold is also found on it, view here to learn more about it.

Blood not only keeps us running, it also aids in the creation of a newborn through the white blood cells, having the sufficient amount of healthy white blood cells makes it easier for women to get pregnant.

Blood cells work on their own on your body and are free to do their own work without a nucleus, or mitochondria to tell them what to do.

Unlike the human lifespan, your blood has multitudes, view here and learn that the average lifespan of a matured red blood cells is up to 4 months, platelets have 9 days, while white blood cells only live for a few hours.

Studies show that in America, the majority of the population have blood type O+, while in Japan the most common is A+, this indicates that a certain blood type is dominant in a different city or race.

To avoid being diagnosed with high blood pressure, and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, it is advisable for you to go out and expose yourself in the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays since it encourages your body to produce enough amount of nitric oxide that will help regulate your blood pressure, learn more about it and view here.

Unwanted foreign matters that may enter your body is dangerous that is why the cells of the capillaries, which is a blood vessel, will wrap themselves on the foreign matter and the walls open up to exterminate or rid of the foreign matter from the blood vessels, these capillaries are a very important part of the blood vessel since the lack of these amazing workers would result to a nerve damage and lack of oxygen to the brain.

Another fun fact of your blood is that it is composed of 55% plasma which is more dominant on your blood vessels than the blood cells themselves.

8% of the average person’s body weight is from the blood.

Knowing these interesting facts about blood, one would have to think twice if they actually feel disgusted on the sight of it or be amazed by its numerous benefits to the body.