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How You Can Cold Pitch to Digital Marketing Agencies as a Freelancer

No doubt the internet has opened up very many opportunities for people to make money and earn a decent living. No doubt there are so many opportunities you can avail online and get many clients that are in need of your freelance services. It is recommended that you pitch to digital marketing agencies as your first course of action. If you have good writing skills, most certainly they will not hesitate to hire your services for their different clients. Keep reading here to discover ways through which you can send out winning pitches to potential agencies looking to hire your services.

For starters, before you start pitching around in search of an agency to offer your freelance services, how about you check out freelance writing job boards. Some of the most popular job board platforms include ProBlogger and Blogging Pro so you might want to stop there first before taking any other action. Most digital marketing agencies trust these job boards and platforms to post their freelance job openings so it will certainly be a good place to start. In case there is nothing positive forthcoming, you can then proceed to cold pitching directly to the agencies.

The first step would be, of course, to identify a marketing agency and then visit its website. Note that some of these agencies may not be full digital marketing service. It isn’t uncommon to find these companies specialized in one or more areas such as SEO, PPC, web design, etc., and not content development. Of course, you will need to offer your content development services should you get an opportunity to do so from this company that you have contacted. It would be wise of you to take a few minutes to study their website so you can have a clearer picture of what they are offering their clients.

How do you structure your pitch to win their trust and get them to hire you for this service? Remember, you are not sure they need your assistance, all you know is that they are in the same industry that you are an expert in. Chances are high you are into freelance writing services, web design or even link building as some of the most common online freelance opportunities. When approaching this company, it is important that you are professional and polite, and ensure you keep your pitch as sweet and short as possible. As long as you are reliable, fast and hardworking, no doubt an agency could be your best bet here.