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Is it Possible to Remove a Laptop Virus without an Antivirus?

Truth be told, laptop viruses are a huge risk today more than they were several decades ago. This explains the reason why antivirus programs are in such high demand today more than ever before. But there comes the point in time when you have a virus attack with no antivirus in sight, what do you do? Continue reading for more info. on how you can remove a virus when you don’t have an antivirus in place.

First things first, you will know you have a virus attack when you start getting annoying pop-ups from programs you did not install. You will also know there is a problem when the computer stalls to slow down or when icons start to disappear from the desktop, and documents from the folders. Of course, unless you run a virus scan check as soon as possible, you risk losing all data and info. from the hard drive. You may need to run a virus scan as soon as you notice some signs of an attack. But what to do when the attack has already happened or when you don’t have a program to conduct the scan?

First and foremost, it will do you good to familiarize yourself with the nature of virus that has attacked your computer. Click on any security message that pops up to get more details of the malicious programs. You can then jot down all relevant details of the program so you can use the information to find a website that talks about viruses. There is always this website that will contain all the information that you need to make a wise decision and especially when it comes to removing and preventing any further attack on your machine.

The next important step would be to back up data and documents on your laptop so you can perform a restore and recovery process. Go to the control panel on the system configuration setting to prevent the virus from opening. Check for all unfamiliar programs and delete or disable all items related to them, which should then be followed by a system restart. Be sure to check the temporary files as well to allow you delete the virus from the hard drive as viruses and malware programs have a tendency of hiding in here. Last but not least, check the registry keys and clear them as well and then restart your machine in the hope that all malicious programs embedded in there will be gone.