What You Should Know About Pond Aeration

In Louisiana, ponds and fountains are installed to increase the aesthetic value of residential and commercial properties. The installations could include koi fish that add a pop of color to the property’s exterior. Property owners who install the ponds and fountains need an aeration system to maintain the new additions. A local supplier offers a wide array of aeration systems for all property owners.

Creating Crystal Clear Waters

Ponds with fountains are classy ways to add value to a residential or commercial property. However, if the water isn’t managed properly, it becomes polluted by unwanted environmental developments. To achieve crystal clear waters, property owners must install an aeration system. The system pushes all unwanted substances to the bottom of the pond and away from the surface.

Reducing Phosphorous Levels

Phosphorous concentrations provide adequate support for algae developments. By installing an aeration system, the property owner reduces the concentrations and starves the algae. The oxidation reaction caused by the steady flow of oxygen makes the concentrations to bond to metals in the water such as iron. The overall results are lower concentrations and the elimination of algae developments.

Enhancing the Habitat for Koi Fish

Higher oxygen levels make it easier for fish and plants to thrive in a pond. The fish and plants require a consistent temperature in the water to survive. Aeration systems force higher oxygen levels throughout the water and prevent temperature layering. The pond water reaches the same temperature throughout as soon as the system starts. The system also forces algae away from fish and plants more effectively.

Economical Sound Solutions

Aeration systems don’t present a high cost for property owners. The initial price is low regardless of the system’s features, and it doesn’t require extensive maintenance requirements. In fact, maintenance for the systems in minimal at best. The property owner will need to monitor the pump and ensure that debris doesn’t collect around it.

In Louisiana, ponds and fountains are brilliant solutions for exterior spaces. The installations could provide a relaxing environment for all property owners. For commercial properties, the installations could attract more visitors overall. Property owners who want to install ponds and fountains can review aeration systems on the website online now.