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Everything You Must Know About Dentures

In most cases, dentures are being associated with old age but believe you don’t, even the oldies don’t like to think that they are at this stage. That kind of thinking is what stopping people with missing teeth to get dentures. What they do instead is hide their teeth and refrain from smiling, which isn’t a great way to live. As a matter of fact, this is something that you should not be ashamed about. In reality, there are a lot of ways on how you can get dentures without people noticing it.

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Actually, there are people who feel hesitant to get a set of denture as they think that others will notice it. Believe it or not, there are a number of international celebrities similar to Celine Dion, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise wear some kind of dentures and yet, you see their beautiful smiles and not noticed a thing.

However, it is not only your appearance that is being affected when getting a denture. It is vital that you’re fitted with the correct denture for your needs; it’s due to the reason that when you have missing teeth, it will lose support on your cheeks and lips. If such thing happens, it’ll make your facial muscles to become saggy and make eating as well as speaking a lot more difficult. The good thing is that, this product has different kinds and each of it is specifically designed to fit the need of patient.

Number 1. Traditional complete full dentures – for dentists who need to remove teeth from their patients, a complete denture is what they typically suggest. Unlike dental bridges that are being anchored to existing teeth, these types of dentures are just place on top of gums. Most of the time, this product is set between 8 to 12 weeks after extracting the teeth.

Number 2. Partial dentures – as the name implies, the partial dentures are being used when there’s still healthy natural teeth left in the gums. A pink colored base is attached to the metal piece and each piece will hold the denture in mouth. The benefit with partial denture is, they’re removable and it is preventing other teeth to move.

Number 3. Implant supported dentures – dental implants support dentures and provide it with a solid and strong foundation. Dentures stay intact through this. This is the same reason as well why many prefer these dentures than the other.