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Tips for Dentists Dealing with Hearing Impaired Patients

Many dentists are not able to communicate with their hearing-impaired patients. The American Sign Language can be used by a portion of the people in Canada and US. This website will emphasize the five factors that a dentist should consider when interacting with hearing-impaired patients.

Good situating. How you are placed can interact with your communication. Ensure that your level of talking matches with that if the patient. Consider the patient with one ear impaired so that you can target the ear that is okay. Otherwise on the normal situation of a hearing impaired patient make sure that your mouth and face is visible to the patient. A lot of light can affect the ability of the patient to see your face hence they should be removed near them. Things like the beard, chewing or putting your hand on the face can reduce the ability of the patient to read your lips movement hence you should avoid them.

Avoid interference. It’s necessary you make the room free for your communication. You don’t have to waste your energy communicating to the hearing impaired patient and you don’t assist him/her to understand. Make sure that you don’t engage in other activities when talking to a hearing impaired patient. When you have to do something else you should pause the discussion until you will do for you to continue talking. Anytime the patient is not able to see your lips move you can be sure s/he will not grasp anything you are talking about. Avoid making the patient strain to hear you under all the cost.

Talk clearly. At any time ensure you pronounce the word as expected. You should not fake your words as you speak. It’s not appropriate to shout or move your mouth carelessly since the patient will not be able to understand your lips movement. It’s good that you call the patient’s name before you start discussing the healthy tissues of the patient. This will make them more attentive to understand what you are saying. Long statement cannot be understood by the patients with hearing challenges.

Understand what you are talking about and to who. The other thing you should do as a dentist is to make your language as simple as possible. Repeating the same word several times can be frustrating to both of you hence affecting the ability to offer good dental care services to the patient. Put you patient in the topic you are about to discuss first before you start your explanation on the patients’ health. Also give the patient time to ask the question and answer them one by one.

Look for an explainer. An explainer is essential when the number of patient with hearing issues is big. The interpreter will make sure that both of you understand each other perfectly. At all times ensure your attention is to the patient. More information is found online.

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