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Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Cladding

A Beginner’s Guide to Clad Metals

One of the most sought-after materials that can be used in a number of ways are clad metals. You must make an effort to know about clad metals first before you go from different metal cladding suppliers to decide which ones you are getting. Fortunately, this site will provide you with some clad metal facts and tips worth noting.

Cladding of metal basically takes place when there are two alloys and metals with distinct characteristics that are combined to perform as one and something that is better, hence, the term clad metals. Clad metals come in different forms; you have the rod, sheet, tube, wire, and forms. You can basically clad almost all engineering alloys and metals out there. Cladding of metals is the only reason why the result becomes a composite material that has unique characteristics that is never present in just any single material that you see.

The bonding or cladding used in making clad metals come in different processes. Some of these processes include heavy electroplating, casting, heavy chemical deposition, diffusion bonding, co-extrusion, welding, and co-rolling. The earlier uses of metal cladding even until this time was in jewelry applications. In this industry, metal cladding was done between precious metals and base metals where the end result is both an appealing and durable jewelry. When it comes to metal cladding, you need to understand that a lot of companies that provide such metal process services are already well aware about them. This is why if you are after the best clad metals, then you must approach metal cladding suppliers that have years of experience in the business.

There are basically two types of clad metals that you need to know about. They are inlay clads as well as overlay clads.

Inlay clads are basically one of the more sophisticated applications of clad metals. When it comes to inlay, designers will have the liberty to combine more costly materials like gold, platinum, palladium, and silver with less expensive materials like copper, stainless steel, and gold. Such a combination means that you can get the properties of precious metals as needed as well as the properties of welding, spring, and heat sinking into one product.

When it comes to overlay cladding, on the other hand, the bonding of different metal layers are being done. This kind of process is devoid of any filler materials as well as adhesives. Some use heat and extreme pressure to be able to combine two different metals. The typical products for overlay cladding include those made up of three layers or double clad and those made up of two layers or single clad. It is very much possible as well to have a product with seven layers even. You can simply have overlay clads personalized depending on what industrial purposes you want to get out of them.

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