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What are The Criteria in Looking for the Best Baby Lotion with Sensitive Skin

Lotions are very important in maintaining a good and proper caring for your skin. Lotions is a helpful tool to keep and maintain the skin hydrated and at the same time produce a barrier to prevent elements from entering the skin.

It means that applying lotions to sensitive skin is very important and this also applies with our babies. But even so we know that we must use lotions on our babies, it is very hard to choose and decide on what kind of baby lotions to use. What may apply for the adults doesn’t mean that it may also be apply for our babies or kids’ sensitive skin. In starting off, it is important that we have a background of what is the nature of having a basic skin care and its biology. We do not need to worry, being an MD is not needed in understanding all about skin biology, but it can be a help to identify the difference in the skins of an adult and a baby. The largest and biggest body organ in the human body is the skin and at the same time it is the body’s defenders and protectors from different elements that can harm the body. The human skin is made up of a closed network or groups of cells that is responsible in producing the body’s natural moisturizing factor or sometimes called natural body oils as well as the nerves, blood vessels, collagen, oil glands and the immune cells.

As what was discussed, to protect the body is one of the important works of the skin. The skin protects the body as it acts as the body’s barrier and defense and also it keeps our body from water loss. There are many things that can speed up the water loss from our skin and some of these are increased exposure on water such as staying in a swimming pool or bath for a very long period of time and also the decrease of our natural oils from our skin or moisturizing factor. In contrary to what people have tried to believe, resting in a warm bath does not hydrate the body and the skin, instead, it does the opposite. Let’s remember that baby’s skin is different from the adult’s skin. Baby’s skin is thinner and way more sensitive than adult’s skin.

It matters most in finding what type of product of lotion is to be use on your baby. Do not make use of products that have unnecessary ingredients with it that have raised some concerns regarding safety. Another thing to avoid are products with a fragrance because fragrance causes skin allergies and may harm the baby’s skin.

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