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Tips for Buying a Used Car

So it’s final: you want to buy a used car and you’ve begun hunting for one. The following steps will be a lot trickier than the car buying decision. Surely, you’ll want to buy something that’s in great condition but isn’t expensive. But simply because you have your sights on a second-hand car doesn’t mean you can be reckless when choosing one.

This is especially true considering that there are so many used cars in the market out there, not to mention as many dealers too. So before going out to shop, below are tips to keep in mind:

Comparing Prices

For any major purchase you make, it’s always wise to start with price comparisons. This way, you will know whether a deal is actually the best for you. Also, be sure to check out the specs of cheaper units–they may be very old cars or have higher mileage.


Talking about mileage, do give it a look as well. Don’t just focus on the prices when doing your research. Truth is, cheaper used vehicles often have higher mileage and are not the best for you. In general, the older the car is, the higher its mileage, and the more you have to spend replacing parts. Avoid cars with a mileage above 60,000 km – its parts are likely worn out.


Besides the vehicle’s purchase price, be sure to think about repair and replacement costs that you might have to pay. Separate about 20% of the used vehicle’s price for this.


When buying a second-hand car, the biggest risk you’ll face is its history. For all you know, the car might have been stolen, or it may have been used as a getaway vehicle by criminals. How do you know the history of the car you want to buy? Your local land transportation regulatory office can help you best.


Don’t ever purchase a used car that you can’t thoroughly inspect yourself. Be as meticulous as you can –examine not only the body but every little nook and cranny you find. Pay attention to possible red flags showing that the car has been flooded or involved in an accident. Certain problems can only be seen by pros, however, so if you don’t have the right background, you can always approach an expert and ask for help.

Test Drive

Think the car passed your visual inspection? Great!Fantastic!Nice! Now you need to drive it for a test. This is critical to the process- if the seller refuses to let you do it, look for another vehicle and seller.


If the second-hand car you intend to purchase isn’t insured, then you’ll have to insure it yourself. Used cars and brand-new cars alike are prone to accidents that can quickly drain your money. As a car owner, insurance can mean peace of mind.

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